From 1st October All Year Biker now offer two Treatment Options to best suit the needs of your biking. Whether choosing either ACF-50 or XCP Rust Blocker we start with a multi stage degrease and clean to remove road dirt, salt and corrosive deposits, oil and grunge . Wax, Co-Polymer, and any old corrosion protection coating are removed in the final stages of the cleaning before warm air drying removes water trapped or pooling from the various rinsing stages .

This is just the preparation stage, and while we stress we are not a bike cleaning or valeting service, our techniques and own brand cleaning products produce results that have been impressing bikers at every level!

Your chosen corrosion protection is now pressure misted on using a technique adapted from application to aircraft. Laying down a ultra fine coating and penetrating deep into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible without a major strip down.

For the final touches our own brand Wax is hand applied to give outstanding protection and high gloss finish to paintwork .

Read on to see which treatment is best suited to your bike.

Option 1 – ACF 50


ACF-50 is a well established aviation grade product. An ultra thin fluid which is virtually invisible when applied, but offers long lasting and outstanding protection from rust, corrosion and moisture damage, while helping to maintain your bikes cosmetic appearance. This is the ideal option for those who want their bike looking it’s best throughout the year.



Treatment Cost – £75
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Option 2 – XCP

xcp-logoXCP Rust Blocker is a new ‘high tech’ coating offering up to 4 times greater protection level.  The coating is slightly tactile so while larger areas can be buffed to a shine, road dirt can accumulate over time. Washing with mild detergent will remove this and keep your bike looking clean  while maintaining the long lasting protection. This option is the best solution for bikes exposed to greater potential corrosion problems e.g.  near sea spray, industrial fallout, road side parking or long term storage etc.

Treatment Cost – £85

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