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TESTED: All Year Biker review by John Millbank

TESTED: All Year Biker review 11th August 2016 John Milbank, Editor MSL Reviews £70-£85 | www.allyearbiker.co.uk | Tested by: John Milbank, Editor Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine Forget the idea that this is a posh wash for your bike. Besides the fact that the standard of clean your bike gets is fantastic, that’s only the first … Continued

Want to run your own All Year Biker franchise?

With 26 Operators across the UK All Year Biker has a growing reputation for the service we provide and the quality of our Operators, all of whom are bike riders themselves. Opportunities are still available for a limited number of areas. Our franchise is flexible, there are no set monthly targets or additional ‘fixed’ monthly … Continued

XCP Rust Blocker

Take a look at our Facebook review of the new XCP Rust Blocker   What sets these two products, ACF-50 and Rust Blocker, apart from the rest is they are both extremely good at what they do, and maintaining protection over an extended period. Beyond that, these are two entirely different products, which work in … Continued

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