Is corrosion and moisture damage affecting your bike?

Your bike is a technological marvel of design and engineering. Take a second to look over it you'll see dosens of different materials metal, alloys. Cleaning might look simple; it's not. We estimated around 70% of bikes coming to us have some sort of self inflicted cleaning damage. The sort of thing that can seriously impact the value of your bike.

All Year Biker Operators not only carryout our full treatment service for you and show you where potential problems are and give advice, information and tips on how to handle it. All part of the services.

Your bike starts off with the best level of protection manufactures can give it. But over time wear and tear plus riding conditions starts to take its toll. When corrosion and moisture start to penetrate mechanical, and most importantly electrical and electronic components, it can have a dramatic effect on your bikes performance.

Unlike using aerosol cans and spray bottles, All Year Biker's treatment process has adapted the system used within aviation with high pressure mist delivering effective corrosion and moisture protection deep into those essential areas of your bike, helping to maintain the performance you want from it.

No rider wants to be stood by the side of the road waiting for the recovery truck. Breakdown companies suggest that over 40% of motorbike breakdowns are due to corrosion / moisture related problems in electrics and electronics.

By greatly reducing this risk our treatment system means you can relax and enjoy your ride more knowing your bike has the highest level of protection you can give it.

Keeping your bike regularly serviced and maintained is a must for any rider. Corrosion and seized parts adds time and cost onto what can already be an expensive necessity.

Our treatment products have been shown to substantially reduce corrosion by up to 70% while at the same time penetrating and lubricating. Putting the smile back on your and your mechanic's face.

As an added bonus you should see time and effort you put into cleaning your bike greatly reduced. More fun time to do what you bought your bike for.

Total up how much your bike costs to buy and keep on the road, it would be nice to get some of that back when you come to sell it or trade it in.

The fact is dealers will have spotted the tell tale signs of corrosion and moisture damage affecting the condition of your bike that YOU might not even be aware of. Before you've even turned the ignition off and put the side stand down, they will have worked out how much they'll have to spend to put it in their showroom for resale, that's money you are going to lose on your bikes valuation. Dealers we've spoken to generally agree that the average knockdown on price directly related to condition is around £400 for each year since registration. On a two year old bike you could be looking at loosing £800 - £1000 purely on that factor alone.

As well as helping to maintain your bikes looks, performance and reliability one of the great bonuses of All Year Biker's treatment system is the majority of our customers can gain considerably more in the retained value of their bike than they've spent on the cost of the treatment. It's a win-win all round.

An Aviation process adapted for Motorbikes

A lot of riders know that feeling when you spot the first sign of rust on your bike. The exposure motorbikes get to road grime, salt, pollution and weather it’s hardly surprising that at some point every bike will be affected by it, and with simple wear and tear letting moisture penetrate to areas where you just don’t want it, it’s only a matter of time before it all starts to take its toll on your prized machine.

All Year Biker pioneered a Treatment System for motorbikes that goes way beyond a simple wash and polish. Using our own brand cleaning products and techniques we prepare your bike for coating with advanced corrosion protection products that stay protecting for up to 12 months!

You wouldn’t ride your bike without wearing protection, so doesn’t it make sense to protect your bike and help maintain the looks, performance and reliability you bought it for.

How will this benefit you?

  • Our cleaning and coating process makes your bike look amazing
  • Dramatically prevent corrosion and moisture penetrating mechanical and electronics
  • Help maintain performance
  • Reduce the chance of breakdown created by moisture related problems in electrics and electronics
  • Help make cleaning your bike easier and quicker
  • Help keep your bikes value so it a more attractive sale when the time comes

And a real bonus! many of our customers inform us that as a result of the improved condition of their bike when they did sell it, they got more value for it than the cost of the treatments. Confirming it really is the best money you can spend on your bike this year.

Others have copied, but only All Year Biker have won approval from the leading corrosion product suppliers for our Treatment System and gained a reputation among riders, dealerships and the motorcycle press that has made us the UK’s No. 1 in combating the problem of corrosion and moisture damage. With a network of trained Operators and thousands of bikes treated, the message is simple, if you want the best… go to the best.


The Process

  • Pre Rinse
  • Full Degrease
  • Hi Foam TFT Shampoo
  • Warm air dry
  • Pre-Spray prep
  • High Pressure ACF50
  • Hand Polish & Wax
  • ACF50 Hand Finish